Shhhh… The Quiet Game Changer of Successful Email Campaigns Revealed

Shhhh… The Quiet Game Changer of Successful Email Campaigns Revealed

Ensuring Your Emails Actually Reach Their Destination

The Email Delivery Dilemma: 

You’ve crafted the perfect email, but what if it never reaches its intended recipient? A staggering number of emails never make it to the inbox. If an email isn’t delivered, it’s not opened, and your message goes unnoticed. Sometimes, these emails land in the dreaded ‘promotions’ tab or even worse, the spam folder.

The Key to Email Marketing? Delivery:

 If there’s one fundamental principle in email marketing, it’s ensuring your emails are delivered. But how?

The Three Pillars of Email Deliverability:

1. The Email Marketing Platform: 

Your choice of platform plays a pivotal role. Some platforms simply have better deliverability rates than others. A comparison chart below showcases the deliverability rate of various platforms. 

The chart below compares the email deliverability rates of different email platforms based on the latest 2023 study

2. Sender Reputation:

Know Your Score: Every IP address has what’s known as a “sender score.” It’s a little like a credit score for your emails. You can check your score using websites like or The key metrics impacting this score revolve around how recipients interact with your emails. Do they read them, reply, forward, or even save them to a folder? On the flip side, if emails are frequently deleted or marked as spam, your reputation takes a hit.

3. The Ugly Email Paradox: It sounds counter-intuitive, but sending ‘ugly’ emails can actually boost your deliverability and engagement rates. By ‘ugly’, we mean simple, text-based emails with no image or logo that resemble personal messages rather than flashy commercial campaigns. These no-frills emails often bypass filters, landing directly in the recipient’s primary inbox.

In conclusion, while crafting the perfect message is crucial, ensuring your email actually reaches its destination is half the battle. Remember these pillars the next time you’re strategizing your email campaign.

Atena Pegler