Who is Atena Pegler?

Australia’s Top Authority on A.I for Marketing and Branding for Entrepreneurs Who Seek Explosive Growth Without Wasting Time on Ineffective Strategies and Enjoy Streamlined Success (Without the Complexity) and Saving Hundreds of Thousands on Payroll (Without Sacrificing Quality).

Meet Atena Pegler

Atena Pegler is Australia’s Top Authority on AI-Driven Marketing Solutions for Small to Medium Enterprises Who Seek Explosive Growth Without Wasting Time on Ineffective Strategies and Enjoy Streamlined Success Without the Complexity.

She offers a 10-week Advanced AI Revolution Marketing Accelerator course designed to empower entrepreneurs to implement AI across their business processes, from lead generation to lead nurturing and customer service. Atena has developed a proven 24-step marketing framework and has invented a streamlined process that leverages AI to master all 24 steps of marketing, helping entrepreneurs to rapidly scale and save hundreds of thousands in payroll expenses.

Atena brings over 13 years of digital marketing expertise, having boosted sales and marketing effectiveness for a range of industries from startups to established enterprises. As a Senior Digital Advisor, she excels in crafting strategic digital solutions that enhance customer engagement across various channels. Her work with top Australian brands like Showpo, Hello Molly, Jean Jail, and Culture Kings, among others, has led to impressive yearly growths in traffic, conversion rates, and sales, ranging from 15% to 100%.

Atena’s mission is to pioneer simplicity and success in AI marketing for entrepreneurs, aiming to be a beacon of hope and empowerment for every entrepreneur overwhelmed by the business world’s challenges. She is devoted to revolutionizing marketing through the power of AI, transforming it into a process that’s not only simpler but profoundly rewarding, free from high costs and complexity.

Her purpose extends beyond mere business growth; it’s about touching lives and turning entrepreneurial dreams into realities. She envisions a world where entrepreneurs don’t just survive but flourish, embracing a life full of freedom, purpose, and the capacity to make meaningful contributions.

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Atena has been great to work with. She's very attentive and professional. Atena and the team have really helped our website come a long way over the past year.

Jane Lu - www.showpo.com

The A.I Atena showed me was mind-blowing. The way she uses ChatGPT to create custom avatars for my business was next level. A.I helped me in my design process, from researching to branding. By streamlining my process I can spend more time Face to Face with clients. Using A.I to create an avatar would take me days, but she showed me how to leverage it by inputting some prompts; it literally took a few seconds. Working with Atena has been amazing and I'm looking forward to many more things. She is great in the sense that she can show you something completely out of the box and out of your comfort zone. If you are willing to take that step, she makes it achievable for you.

Dennis Lum - www.fyedesign.com.au

One of the best things about Atena is not just her passion for the subjects she deeply dives into, but also her ability to communicate clearly, making it a no-brainer. She learns and understands every single business she works with, and understand the industry. There's so much information out there on how to build a landing page, but it's all a puzzle. Following Atena's prompts simplifies everything. It's mind-blowing how her method follows a formula, and the results you get blew me away. As a small business myself I can see how leveraging A.I specially in marketing space makes such a massive difference in utilising efficiency in the business.

Anna Lum - www.annalum.com.au

Atena is a gun. She has a wealth of knowledge about technology, AI, marketing, startups and more. She is a businesswoman at core. Her energy is contagious, she is passionate for growth and has a keen interest for personal development. She would be a valuable partner for any company that wants to scale!

Mossy Tahari - www.risingreturns.com.au

I've had the pleasure of knowing Atena as a mentor since 2021. Her expertise in email marketing, personal branding, and social media strategy is unparalleled. She has provided me with invaluable insights and practical advice when we needed it for one of the brands we launched. Her ability to convey complex concepts in an accessible manner makes her an exceptional mentor. I highly recommend Atena to anyone seeking to elevate their skills and refine their marketing strategies.

Dr Mohammad Motahar - www.tutor10x.com

Atena's expertise isn't just theoretical; it's a powerful concoction of hands-on experience and a profound understanding of the industry. Picture this: she effortlessly dissected convoluted marketing concepts, serving up tailored solutions with an air of confidence that was downright contagious. But it wasn't just about business strategies—Atena infused our discussion with an infectious enthusiasm that sparked a creative fire within me. Suddenly, my marketing approach wasn't just a puzzle to solve; it was an exhilarating journey to embark on. If you're on the lookout for a consultant who not only dissects your challenges but also crafts customized, impactful solutions, Atena is your go-to maestro. In a whirlwind of a session, she doesn't just address concerns; she catapults you into a realm where your marketing strategies aren't just redefined—they're reinvented for unparalleled success.

Josh Gonzalez - www.justifydesigns.com

Two words - Positive ROI. I can't recommend Atena enough. It transformed our business from the way we approach lead gen to retention activity. Atena has been worth every cent. I encourage all Business owners to get in touch to see how Atena can dramatically improve your business.

Jake Dimarco - https://venuenow.com

We had few offers from different companies. Atena provided us with the most comprehensive plan to design and implement a Digital Marketing strategy. So far we had a great experience with her! Would definitely recommend Atena to my friends.

Baqer Mamouri - www.comehome.com

Atena is a breath of fresh air in the Digital Space being in it myself. We have worked with Atena before and I highly recommend her services, passionate and consistent on every piece of work.

I wholeheartedly recommend Atena Pegler as a business consultant. Her expertise, tailored strategies, and dedication to her clients' success have made a tremendous impact on my business. Atena's collaborative approach and innovative thinking have opened new opportunities and helped me achieve my goals. Working with her has been a game-changer, and I cannot speak highly enough of her professionalism and passion for her work.

Founder, Alex Firooz - www.milanbathroom.com.au


Throughout my sixteen-year journey in the professional world, I've collaborated with numerous talented individuals. Yet, Atena's exceptional abilities and drive stand out distinctly. Our partnership during GovHack serves as an exemplary showcase of her innate leadership qualities. Entrusted as the NSW lead, Atena was the linchpin, ensuring NSW achieved remarkable accomplishments in 2023. Her visionary approach, unwavering dedication, and management acumen were consistently evident. Beyond her technical know-how, Atena's genuine capacity to navigate teams through intricate situations is commendable. I've observed her cultivate a cohesive team spirit, guide with purpose, and deliver strategies flawlessly. Her invaluable leadership was undeniably a cornerstone of our triumphs. As a technology leader who has engaged with diverse sectors, I hold strategic insight and resolution in high regard. Atena embodies these attributes seamlessly. I offer my strongest endorsement for her in any endeavor, certain in the belief that she will surpass even the loftiest of expectations.

Zaidul Alam - Partner Endorsement - www.wisecar.com

Atena's impact on the Govhack organization has been nothing short of extraordinary. Her expertise has left a significant mark, particularly in the NSW region. Atena orchestrated an exceptionally successful hackathon, starting from scratch. She masterfully assembled teams, secured sponsorships, venues, and partnerships. Her meticulous coordination led to one of the most triumphant Govhack event in NSW and definitely the best in recent years. Atena's qualities of organization, reliability, and hard work consistently achieve what others might deem impossible. Her diverse skills encompass project management, team leadership, event coordination, business development, and marketing, resulting in exceptional effectiveness. She defies the word 'impossible,' and her capability to transform struggling businesses is impressive. Moreover, her exceptional proficiency in documentation and data organization is expected to contribute to Govhack's success for years to come.

HOSSein Mohsenian - Partner Endorsement - https://govhack.org

I found Atena's work to be of a very high standard. She was very personable and easy to get on with.

Colm MacGowan - https://8020.digital/

Atena is a very effective written and oral communicator. She attends to requests in a thorough, prompt and courteous manner and displays a genuine concern for client needs. Her knowledge of the Magento CMS and related web technologies is extensive and she is a pleasure to work with. She has contributed to making our transition to the Magento CMS a smooth experience.

David Ehmer


Atena is not only amazingly knowledgeable but also very helpful. I'll highly recommend her service to anyone.

Ashley Lim - https://ashleylim.co

Have worked with Atena on multiple occasions. She has helped our SEO greatly and is proactive with new ideas for SEO on our website. She understands what is required to keep google rankings high. Atena is easy to contact at any time and fast to get things done. Highly recommended!!

Trent Williams - www.classmarker.com

Atena recovered our Adwords account from a state of doom and transformed it into a flourishing account within a very short time frame. She is honest, knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with. I cannot recommend her enough, thank you for saving our account!

Sarah Wilkinson - www.skinmatrix.com.au

Have worked with various digital marketing companies and Atena has been the easiest and most reliable to deal with - Within 6 months we have seen some really strong results. Atena is proactive in making suggestions and setting strategies for SEO. She is extremely honest and knowledgable and is a pleasure to work with!

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